We focus the properties related to its resistance and its durability. Porcelain stoneware, additionally, is characterised by its very low porosity, which is almost nil. Therefore, it is impermeable to water, acids and dirt, making it suitable for busy areas as it is easy to clean. It is also a hygienic material.

We have Porcelain tile which presents consistent chromatism between its base and its surface as well as a simple and elegant aesthetic, provides it with the capacity of being able to reinterpret varying aesthetic influences thanks to the use of digital decoration.

Our porcelain stoneware collection can be applied both indoors and outdoors because of its resistance and impermeability, porcelain stoneware can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Porcelain tile is insensitive to solar light and to changes in temperature: constant exposure to solar rays does not alter its colour, it is frost-proof and fireproof.

Mycassaforte porcelain stoneware’s versatility is particularly valued by architects and designers who have the possibility of taking advantage of the various types available on the market capable of suggesting sometimes innovative and surprising uses.